Virtual Video and the New Possibilities for Video Learning

Aaron Lewis | August 6, 2020

Virtual video is a genre with enormous benefits for video learning applications.

You’re probably familiar with virtual reality, or VR—the technology allowing everyone from gamers and doctors to architects and the military to create and experience simulated environments. It’s an excellent tool though with a narrow use case. 

You may be less familiar with virtual video - a term that is becoming increasingly useful, especially in our COVID-19 altered world where almost anything “in-person” or “live” is no longer an option. A catch-all term for the different tools that can be added to video to meet the needs of learners and educators today, virtual video is taking video to a new level. 

Essentials of Virtual Video

Imagine a recipe where video is your main ingredient, your base layer. The virtual elements are what we layer on top of the base; the custom functionality that adds games and interactivity, the interconnectivity that lets learners and teachers communicate with each other. 

Today we can augment any 2D video experience, making it more interactive, more engaging and more connected. We create virtual video that allows creators to talk to audiences, or teachers to talk to students, allowing them to work and build together.  

It might mean calling a meeting in a virtual environment that’s more authentic and engaging than a Zoom call. It might be creating a virtual classroom where students learn as they would in a traditional space, with real time questions and answers. It might also mean taking your students on a virtual excursion to Egypt, where they can be immersed in an interactive archaeological dig. Anything is possible with virtual video. 

Reimagining the Live Experience

With interaction in the workplace and education institutions moving increasingly online - partially or fully - we are connecting through video more than ever before. Banks have launched videos to help clients open accounts, corporations are offering onboarding via webinar and teachers are recording daily video lessons. There’s no denying that 2D video is an efficient and powerful tool. But can video replace our most important in-person experiences? 

Perhaps virtual video can make them even better! 

Perhaps the most exciting virtual video developments are those in education and training, where technology can take students beyond the traditional classroom or corporate environment and bring stories to life. 

More than just a virtual background for digital meetups, virtual video uses the best possible technological tools - animation, 3D spaces, games, interactivity and connectivity - to transport people to virtual locations, allowing them to communicate, learn and challenge each other. 

Virtual Video for Video Learning

Do you need a virtual classroom, immersive video or a 360-degree virtual VR experience for your video learning class?




At ModernEpic, tech-forward thinking is in the DNA of our company, which is why we can implement virtual video solutions for you fairly quickly. 

We will leverage the power of great storytelling to produce innovative video and interactive and immersive content that energizes ideas and engages any learner, no matter where they’re learning.

When you’re ready, contact us. Complete this form, and we'll be in touch to schedule a one-hour phone session to learn more about your project.


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